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Last updated on Sun, 14 Oct 2007
Fall Blog
San Juan blog ken serratt, Tue, 9 Oct 2007
The sunrise and my morning clock are coming together, and this morning I grabbed the camera and headed down to the egg lake (old) dock to get a shot of our morning sky!
San Juan blog ken serratt, Sat, 8 Sep 2007
If anybody asks, I am still "toppin trees" today I made my way up a 120 cedar on the north side, and captured this image after taking out a 40 foot top! Timber
Berrie Delicious
San Juan blog ken serratt, Fri, 31 Aug 2007
Mona seems to love the berries growing adjacent to her pasture, and its been a real pleasure watching her purple lips munch away on the bounty of late summer
Waldron Baby
San Juan blog ken serratt, Sun, 26 Aug 2007
Aug 24 2007 A fine new addition to our clan!
San Juan blog ken serratt, Fri, 24 Aug 2007
See anthing tricky in this pic? I like playing with gradients... saturation to unsaturation?
Kyak Fishen
San Juan blog ken serratt, Sun, 19 Aug 2007
Well we tried, and one of us got wet. It wasn't the guide. The Kyaks operated well, until my associate found himself parallel to a nice 2 foot swell... It made for quite the adventure
Pony Ride Record
San Juan blog ken serratt, Sun, 19 Aug 2007
I don't know how many rides is the official Fair Record, but I would have to guess that Kenzie, got to saddle up about 10 times in the four days, which often leads to xtra rides, and popularity amongst the vendors...!
San Juan County Fair
San Juan blog ken serratt, Sun, 19 Aug 2007
The fair offers a wide arrange of photo ops, but I always enjoy the action around the main arena. Here are just a few of this season's shots!
San Juan blog ken serratt, Sat, 11 Aug 2007
Karrie and Kenzie are in Missouri for a family wedding, and I am missing them quite a bit. I bet the donkeys are missing their recent work endeavors as well...Soon we shall have all four driving as a team. I am sure of it.
Sunshine and water!
San Juan blog ken serratt, Sat, 28 Jul 2007
What a combination. I installed a new irrigation pump this year. 52 gal per minutes supplied. So as the sprinkler sprinkles, there is still plenty left over for Kenzie's play as well!
Take Shelter
San Juan blog ken serratt, Sat, 21 Jul 2007
Well, with continued back pain, and healing, I am ok with spending my summer inside, and sheltered from the summer rain's, but is everyone else? Not a good season for outdoor weddings!
Camp Singing Star
San Juan blog ken serratt, Thu, 19 Jul 2007
Summer rains moved many of Camp Singing Stars Ceremonies, including the closing, indoor this year... This was McKenzie's third camp, and she enjoyed herself as did all who participated. Click on the image to see it full size online
Oh My Aching Back....
San Juan blog ken serratt, Sun, 15 Jul 2007
10 Days ago I threw my back out. How? I am not sure. Probably a combination of events. But this injury has had me flat on my back for over a week, and to get out and snap a shot from ground level is a sign of slowly recovering health. As I walk around the yard, I see lots that needs to be done, but fortunatly none of it is critical. If I don't shoot, I can always continue to post favorite images from the past few years. This image here, was created using a mask in order to adjust the levels of the darker JJ on right. Will Kindergarden ever come, and will I be ready as well?
San Juan blog ken serratt, Fri, 6 Jul 2007
What a great month...Fun, sunshine, water... and for me, a summer cold, with today's addition of a spranged back! Just don't seem fare... well, my lil one has helped me get my gadgets nearby as I rest up, and I have time to add to my blog... Hope all visitors had a full and healthy fourth, I did... glad the back held out till after that...!
In memory of
San Juan blog ken serratt, Sat, 30 Jun 2007
This image is one of dozens I took of a pair of Canadian goslings from last summer. Then one day they all moved to the far side of the pond, and the little ones disappeared, never to be seen again, the haunting sound of the adult pair as they searched the parameter of the pond calling and calling for their lost is still a stong memory. Each time I revisit these images I feel a sadness towards the gift of observing this young one during its first dangerous days here on earth.
Summer Mist
San Juan blog ken serratt, Fri, 29 Jun 2007
Thundershowers predicted, and this late afternoon, the clouds and rain rolled over our pond... it's neat when the water temp is greater than the air temp, and the mist lays over the pond.... The lighting was even more dramatic just moments before, as I ran for the camera
Good dog
San Juan blog ken serratt, Thu, 28 Jun 2007
My dog JJ turned three this month... He's purebred and was born on the island. The only male of a litter or six. He loves to run up a local loggin road and visit his buddy Angus. He's got papers, is still intact as a male, and is up for stud service if your interested... I think he's one of the nicest looking labs I have ever seen, and I have always been a lover of big black dogs!
The Rock
San Juan blog ken serratt, Sun, 24 Jun 2007
As Land Development, and new homes continue to take place around the island's "rock" I wish I had been photographing every paintjob I have seen take place to this beauthy over the last 15 years here on San Juan. Well, it's never too late to begin an image documentary.. I hope the opportunity to photograph the "rock" continues even as new neighbors build and the landscape changes.
Hee Halways calls me That!
San Juan blog ken serratt, Wed, 20 Jun 2007
Donkeys, we got four of em, and when they give you that look that says, "let us graze" its hard to not turn em out on your yard... This is Violet, my most photogenic mini donk!
The waterline
San Juan blog ken serratt, Thu, 14 Jun 2007
I have a desire to get on the water, and take photos, without damaging a camera! Today I received a waterproof digital point and shoot, and I think its going to add a new perspective to summer photos!
Follow that light
San Juan blog ken serratt, Mon, 11 Jun 2007
What island blog would be complete, without a shot of the limekiln lighthouse?
Green green, tis the season
San Juan blog ken serratt, Sun, 10 Jun 2007
I noticed this vine, trying to wind its way thru some native forests, and come to realize it's a honeysuckle. Don't know the precise name, but again, my camera leads me towards an increased awareness of the world around. I like the way the lower limb tends to lead the eye towards the blossom...and the deep green of the image seems to follow the progression of recent photos!
Don't get your camera wet
San Juan blog ken serratt, Fri, 8 Jun 2007
Today I used Kenzie's (my 5 year olds) 4 megapixle camera, whilest we paddle around Egg Lake, I have a waterproof Pentax camera on order for father's day, but in the meantime, I risk hers while taking a look at this local pond... We had fun, the "used" kyak needed some fine tuning, and once home, I dropped it in our pond, which is titled Bacon Lake, here we have less vegetation, and less wind... It's a nice place for paddleboats..
San Juan blog ken serratt, Thu, 7 Jun 2007
There everywhere this year, and for each one... there are about 100 tadpoles I don't know what will come of the other critters in the pond. Seems each year, the cycles around the waterworld change. This year, its bullfrog abundance!
Silent Hunters
San Juan blog ken serratt, Mon, 4 Jun 2007
Two years ago, I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time, I have a link to several photos of the transient Orcas, doing battle with a Stellar Sea Lion.... You can view these images here.