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Author Topic: Question about ferry and parking in Anacortes  (Read 60065 times)
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« on: August 05, 2008, 11:33:36 AM »

Hi, I am planning on coming over to Friday Harbor, and will be parking in Anacortes.  I have two questions. 

I'll be headed over on a Sunday, and it doens't look like there are any major events happening on San Juan Island, but - is there ever a problem finding parking by the Anacortes ferry terminal?

And, is there ever a wait time for walk on passengers either coming or going?

I'm assuming not - but just want to be sure!


« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2008, 02:00:55 PM »

Sorry for not responding sooner; I just discovered your message. The ferry landing in Anacortes has plenty of parking space.  And there is never a problem walking on.  You can go up to the ferry landing that is totally overloaded and still walk on.  You will only encounter long waits if you try to drive your car on the ferry.  If you would like to bring your car you just need to make sure that you show up a couple hours early on the summer weekends ( 45 minutes early for weekdays ) otherwise the ferry will be overloaded and you will have to wait until the next ferry which is usually a couple more hours of waiting time. If this happens there is a beach to explore plus some picnic tables to the right of the ferry landing. There is also a good restaurant up on the hill within walking distance.

The walk-on tickets are for sale at the ferry terminal which is the building right next to the ferry landing.  The Anacortes ferry terminal has a small cafĂ©, restrooms, plenty of brochures, video games, a small gift shop and a drinking fountain.

If you are bringing your bicycle or your kayak  you can also walk straight on regardless of how overloaded the ferry is.

A "walk on" passenger is someone who does not bring their car and simply buys a passenger ticket.

The Anacortes ferry terminal has two lower parking lots in an upper parking lot.  The upper parking lot is about a half a mile walk down to the ferry terminal so if you are bringing any heavy luggage you can drop it off at the ferry terminal first.  When you are approaching the ferry landing you have the choice to go through the ticket booths to buy your tickets or you can stay to the left and drive straight down to the lower parking lot and ferry terminal.

Anacortes Terminal Parking
The new summer paid parking is in effect at the terminal for the peak season May 1st,2008 - October 13,2008 are as follows.

There are 1,265 spaces in three parking lots near the Anacortes Terminal. All parking spaces, including disabled spaces, will be charged the applicable fee. The fees are as follows:

1 day (0-24 hours) - $10.00

2 days (48 hours)- $20.00

3 days (72 hours) - $25.00

7 days (72-168 hours) - $40.00

8 days - $50.00

9 days - $60.00,

10 days - $70.00

14 days - $80.00

15 days - $90.00

16 days - $100.00

17 days - 110.00

21 days - $120.00

Monthly parking permit - $80.00

RVs (unoccupied) - $20.00 per day

Seasonal Permit (summer) - $325.00
There is a lower lot to the right of the toll booths, closer to the terminal which provides parking for disabled customers as well as others, and the newly expanded parking area up a hill and to the left of the terminal.

Park & Pay for up to three weeks on location at one of our six conveniently located electronic pay boxes with cash or credit card. To remotely add time call Verrus at 1-866-234-7275. You will need to know your Stall #, Station #3001 and your license number. Contact Diamond Parking at 206-423-6942 for additional parking information.

Monthly parking permits sold by calendar month only. Customers wishing to purchase a monthly or seasonal permit may call Diamond Parking Services at 1-800-828-4197. You may also purchase your permit online at: Diamond Parking. Please order your monthly permit by the 15th of the prior month to ensure timely receipt of your permit.
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